Adobe Premiere Pro

Feb 13, 2021

Adobe Premiere Pro is a major software used in video editing. Same as Photoshop, and Illustrator, this application is also developed by Adobe. This application software comes under the Adobe Creative Cloud. Not only for small video clips, but this application is also used in larger projects too. For example, Deadpool, and  Terminator: Dark Fate was edited using Adobe Premiere Pro. Adobe Premiere pro descends from its previous version Adobe Premiere.

Premiere Pro has quite a lot of advanced features than most of the available video editing software. It supports a high video resolution of about 10,240 x 8,192. And also, Premiere Pro supports a relatively wide variety of file formats, enabling a higher scope of performance. There is a huge array of tools and the interface is clear and very flexible. There are unlimited multi-cam angles too.

As for the cons, Adobe Premiere does not have any keyword tagging for media. And another major disadvantage is some features of Premiere may require additional software applications like Speed Grade and After effects. Whatever way, Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the best standard video editing software that is currently available. The user interface is quite flexible and smartly designed. The dark background helps focus more on the video clips you are working on, and you can handle your projects easily. The editing tool panels can be moved and floated according to your requirements. And above everything, it supports very high-quality videos and helps you to maintain your standard.

When compared to other video editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro ranks higher. For example, for short term digital content, Premiere is the best option you can go for. And Premiere’s integration with other applications of Creative Cloud attracts more and more users, as the scope is huge. Final Cut Pro was of competition to Premiere but with their release of FCPX, most users shifted to Premiere. And there are several other competitors like Avid Media Composer, Autodesk Smoke too. When considering Avid Media Composer, there were several disadvantages like lesser speed and less performance. So, Adobe Premiere Pro rates higher because of its good performance, flexible UI, and quality.

You can buy this software as a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. You can not buy the software alone. Therefore you have to have an annual or monthly subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. A monthly subscription costs around $20.99 where the annual plan costs about $239.88. You can find more details and payment options here.

On an end note, several remarkable films edited using Premiere Pro includes Avatar, Gone Girl, Hugo, Nancy, Monsters, In a Heartbeat too. (More on Premiere Pro)

You can find tutorials and learning materials on Adobe Premiere Pro here.

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