• You have 2 hours to complete 5 issues.
  • Fork the repository first (only fork the main branch).
  • Clone the forked repository to your local machine and create a new folder within it using your GitHub username. Add all your files to that specific folder.
  • You have five issues to complete. Try to complete them one by one from issue #1
  • You need to create pull requests for each issue.
  • Ensure that you create a pull request for the specific branch created for you, with your GitHub username, in the fossnsbm/hackovate-challenges repository.
  • Pull request topic should follow the format `#<issue-number>-<GitHub-username>`
    Example: #2-ravindu0823.
  • Add a specific issue number label to your PR that we already created for you.
  • Your code should fulfill all the functionalities and requirements mentioned in this particular issue.
  • Your code should be genuine; if it's like spam, AI-generated, or likewise, your PR will be automatically rejected.
  • Utilize HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as the core technologies in your source code. You are allowed to incorporate external libraries such as Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap, etc., to enhance your development. Feel free to explore and use CDNs as per your preference.
  • If your pull request does not meet these guidelines, it will be rejected.

The Dark Web is a decentralized network of Internet websites that tries to make users as anonymous as possible by routing all their communications through multiple servers and encrypting them at every step. Due to its anonymous nature, the dark web is also used for illegal purposes. This includes buying and selling illegal drugs, weapons, passwords, and stolen identities, as well as trading in illegal weapons and other harmful substances.
A hitman wants to buy some guns for his illegal contract, so he tries to buy them at a dark-web illegal gun store. As a software developer, you are the one responsible for developing this web application.
Guns Prices:
  • Assault-Rifle: $1000
  • Sniper: $2000
  • Shotgun: $1500
  • Revolver: $500
  • Machine-Gun: $2500
  • Pistol: $50
  • RPG: $3000
  • Laser-Gun: $3500
Inventories Prices:
  • Medi-Kit: $500
  • Molotov: $1000
  • Grenade: $1500
  • Knife: $2000
  • Sword: $2500
  • Armour: $3000
  • C4: $3500
  • Landmine: $4000

issue #1 Create a frontend based on the given wireframe with responsiveness
  • The frontend should be according to the wireframe that we provided.
  • You can improve UI if you want.
  • The frontend should be responsive.
issue #2 Select items based on the pre-selected quantity
  • The user needs to select a quantity first for each section.
  • After selecting a quantity, the user is only able to select items according to the pre-selected quantity.
    Ex: If he selects quantity as 2 in the guns section, he will only be able to select 2 types of guns in the below-selected area.
  • Give warnings according to the above limitations.
  • Selecting buttons should be toggleable.
issue #3 Interactive clicks (toggle buttons)
  • You need to update the subtotal of each section based on the selected item prices.
  • The subtotal should be updated in real time.If the user unselects an item, the subtotal needs to be reduced, and if he selects an item, it should be increase.
issue #4 Check that the selected item numbers match the selected quantities
  • When pressing the order now button, you need to check the selected item count in each section to match the quantity you defined at the top.
  • If the user selects fewer items than defined at the top, give a warning message.
issue #5 Final submit popup and thank you message
  • After completing all four issues, only you can complete this one.
  • You should get the subtotal price of the gun prices and inventory and display the total price with a pay-now button in a pop-up box.
  • When the user clicked the pay now button, a thank-you message was given, and the quantity and other selected items were reset.
  • You can create a popup and thank-you message UI as you wish.

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