Opengraphy - SFD ‘20” is a photography contest organized by FOSS Community NSBM, parallel to “Software Freedom Day - NSBM ‘20”. Starting now through 10th September, upload your submissions to the FOSS Community Website (link is provided below).
Your submissions will be posted on our Facebook page.

We will be selecting 3 of your photographs at the end of the event, 2 of them will be selected based on the popularity, where we will select the 2 most liked photographs.

The final photograph will be picked by the in-event panel for the most creative concept.

The selected photographs will win special prizes at the end of the event. One contestant can submit only one photograph.

Topic: Freedom

Deadline: 10th September 2020

Photographs must be put in a .zip file before the final submission.
The photograph should not have been edited using any 3rd party software.

Other conditions apply

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