What is an effective leadership?

women in foss Feb 24, 2021

The word called 'Leadership', which is the most powerful word in the world in ancient times. Is leadership can change the world? Is it possible to make huge changes? The word called 'Women's leadership styles', is it worth to change the world and is it differ from ‘men's leadership style’? These are most probable words for challenging and changing each and every task.

A good leader can lead a person or a team to success even it can be self-leading. Women have the skills and knowledge and modern ideas nowadays and there need more positivity to guide them and develop them. A woman should have a good personal and professional life balance and every family mother is the person who manage and handle the issues and holding together.

When we assume about good examples for women leaderships Aung San Suu Kyi, Sirimawo Bandaranayake, Magret Thacher can be provided because those are the leaders who guide the people in a great way .Women can be lead the people well because she can take rough decisions, tough principles as needed in the other hand handle sensitive situations.

A leader should be a person who build the people, work for common purpose, develop the skills and recruit qualified persons and help the people. The leader should be a good communicator, a good decision maker and a problem solver even the leadership will be women or men .A leader is the person who guide their people to build their skills and ready them to explore the achievements.

A women who have the interests to build the paths in technology she can be a self –leading and lead to other women as well to the success. A technical women will be able to do their tasks according to their own passion.

‘Leaderships of Women’ shows the ability and courage of women to lead a audience with their skills and build paths to the audience. ‘Leadership’ can be women or men according to my opinion it has no such a big difference but the only thing is a leader should be a person who has the ability to inspire the audience ,motivate them, build them, treat them, work with them and achieve the objectives together.

When it comes technical people or a technical women she should be able to find the solutions for the challenges and deal with them effectively. It doesn’t show the difference about the leadership styles but the leadership should be a inspiration to the audience even a women or a men.

‘Women in FOSS’ one of the most suitable community which leads the women for their aims and develop their leadership skills, communication skills and technical skills to explore the world in a new vision.

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