What is version control and why we use version control tool?

Opensource Jan 12, 2021

Imagine your are working on IT project with your working colleagues .Your task is developing  E-Commerce website and you are working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript files .You writing codes and saved. sometimes you want to change previous code lines in your files , then you open relevant file  and make the change and save it. Work in progress and  what happens if you did several changes at several times to above mentioned file. Every  time when you making a change to code ,actually you lost your previous version of the code. You lost the previous version of your project. Maybe your previous code was perfect than your change in present , sometimes your change may broke the layout on few pages. But you are unable  to track previous code instead scratching your head and trying to remember what you adjust in past.

What if your changes can monitor by specific type of software and this software keep track every change what you did to every version of you project. That is version control   of your project . above mentioned software turnout to version control tool .Well thanks to git. Git is not only version control  tool in industry but it is probably the most widely used . Frequently asking question(FAQ), is git and GitHub same? No it’s not . git is an open source version control tool and GitHub is code hosting platform for version control and collaboration . you don’t need GitHub to use git but if you are going to use GitHub you must use git .

Basically version control tool allows to control different versions of your project files. The term called different versions can simplify as changes what developer made to his project in different stages of software development life cycle. git keeps track every change in your file instead when you use git , git can tell us which day , which lines of the code you changed , which lines of the code you removed . if you are using git , nothing is ever lost from your control .

When you working collaborate with your team , git  version control tool allows  to be more productive . Your project is divided in to small parts and you don’t need to wait to someone else to make their changes on their parts . you can continue on your work with your  changes and finally time to merge with  other’s changes together , eventually  everyone have most updated copy of all the files in your project .git take care of all managing and merging and updating tasks.  Almost every professional software developer uses one of the version controlling tools.

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